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Best Islands To Live On

Lots of people get the urge to wander far and wide. Most of them just take to traveling as often as possible. Some people want to settle somewhere new entirely. This article is about guiding you towards the best islands to live on, mainly with a tropical theme. The appeal of living on a tropical island seems obvious. There are beaches everywhere, life is far more relaxed, and it’s not nearly as expensive as you might think. It can also be far more difficult than life in the US or any other sophisticated Western country. The cultural adjustment is often cited as the reason people leave. If you’re going to move to an island you can’t expect them to adjust to you and you can’t expect to behave like a tourist if you’re actually living there. If you can make that shift you’ll be in for a wonderful new life.

Best Islands To Live OnThe first island on the list is Vanuatu, which was recently named the happiest country in the world. The people are utterly joyful there, delighting in the everyday happenings of life and in family above all else. It’s in the Pacific ocean and if you want to retire there you only need an income of $3,000/month. You pay $400 for a one year residence permit and then you renew that every year you want to stay. Houses are dirt cheap so you can actually get something on the beach for less than a quarter million. They also drink something called Kava in Vanuatu, and it has a trippy effect on the brain. Everyone drinks it so perhaps that plays a big part in why everyone is so damn happy!

Vanuatu is pretty far out there and would be a huge culture shift. For something a little closer to home – it would still be a culture shift, as is any island – try Costa Rica. The country is utterly gorgeous and filled with some of the most amazing animals on the planet. The government has taken steps to preserve the natural beauty of the place so it’s fantastic for someone that loves to observe. All the coastline is preserved as a national park. Costa Rica has a tremendous healthcare system that is more advanced than most countries and it’s low cost on top of that. The education system is good too and it’s friendlier to folks looking to move and work, as opposed to Vanuatu which is more geared towards retirees.

An article about moving to the islands has to include Hawaii, which is the ideal choice for those of you looking for American comforts while still being on an island. If you want to live in a city then you can move to Honolulu, on Oahu. It’s a genuine, highly populated city with everything you’ve come to expect. The only difference is you’re on an island filled with amazing beaches. If you want something a little quieter and peaceful then move to Kauai. It’s green, lush, and not all that populated. Maui is home to fabulous homes and more wonderful luxury. It’s also small. The Big Island is enormous and offers a little of everything from seclusion to population centers. You can live inland or head to the beach. Hawaii has had issues with racism – white people aren’t always welcome – but it’s not as big an issue as some make it out to be.

Exuma is an island in the Bahamas and it’s only 250 miles from Miami so you’ll be nice and close to the US if you ever want to jet back for a quick visit. Nothing on the island (really a series of islands) is taller than two stories so you can expect a supremely laid back atmosphere. If you’re sick of a too busy lifestyle and you really want to dial it back Exuma is perfect. The culture is far different than the US and the island is all about the water, obviously. There’s water sports of all kinds, boating activities, surfing, and more. The water is also some of the most beautiful you’ll ever see on the planet. It’s what people talk about when they mention the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.

Best Islands To Live OnThe US Virgin Islands are ideal if you’re looking to move from the US without the hassle of establishing yourself in a new country, contacting an immigration lawyer, etc. You can come to the islands anytime and stay as long as you like if you’re a US citizen. To quality for resident status you have to live there for 183 days a year, minimum. You get a number of tax benefits for doing so. You can buy a condo for a very low price and homes are typically in the $500k-1 million range. It’s a fantastically beautiful place with so much to offer in terms of island activities. You can’t go wrong there.

The Seychelles are located off the coast of Africa and they possess some of the most stunning natural beauty you’ll find anywhere. They’re ideal for folks looking to retire and moving is fairly easy. There are 115 islands to choose from so you have plenty of places to stay. The beaches are soft with wonderful white sand. The water is blue and crystal clear. There’s amazing snorkeling and scuba diving to be done so if you feel like you belong in the water it’s a great place. The weather is always warm and wonderful.

Fiji is a popular destination with honeymooners but it can be a great place to live, too. There are 322 islands with a third of them inhabited. You can choose to move to the city where all the action happens or you can move to one of the outer islands and life the relaxed life. Fiji offers both! It’s a great place and the people are absurdly friendly. It’s not the easiest country to move to and would be easier for a retiree but something this wonderful is worth the extra effort. Don’t be afraid to try something new and amazing in your life!

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